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Buttocks Augmentation

For individuals seeking a fuller, more defined buttocks, Buttocks Augmentation surgery is a great option. Through Buttocks Augmentation surgery, patients can have a rounder, more aesthetically pleasing buttocks with minimal scarring.

Buttocks augmentation is performed by injecting fat from your own body, either from your abdomen or thighs, into your buttocks to give more volume and definition. The procedure not only creates a nicer-looking buttocks, but the liposuction of fat from somewhere else in your body will lead to leaner thighs or a flatter abdomen, depending on where the fat is taken from.

The procedure involves making small access incisions, and often requires a second procedure to created desired effects. The procedure is performed either under general anesthesia. Patients are asked to wear compression garments over the area where fat was harvested. Patients can resume normal activities within days and exercise in 3 weeks. The bruising will normally resolve in 2-3 weeks. You will be asked to limit direct pressure on the buttocks for at least 2 weeks.

At Ritacca, we evaluate each patient and create a customized plan to meet each patient’s expectations.

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