Buttocks Augmentation

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Buttocks Augmentation by Microfat Grafting

Many people don’t know that they can change and enhance the shape of their buttocks through a surgical procedure called Buttocks Augmentation. Microfat Grafting is the most frequently chosen method for enlarging of the buttocks.

In order to undergo Buttocks Augmentation, the patient needs to have enough extra fat in areas such as the hips, lower back, thighs, flanks or abdomen. The excess fat will be fimoved with a low-vacuum, gentle liposuction tool called a cannula (thin tube), which will protect the living fat cells. The fat is then purified and is inserted into the layers of the buttocks through a small 1/8” incision which distributes tiny droplets of fat throughout the tissues, ensuring that each cell has access to a good blood supply.

The Perfect Candidate – The perfect candidate for someone desiring more fullness to their buttocks. Micro Fat Grafting is an easy procedure, but the patient must have enough excess fat in other areas to be removed and used in the Buttocks Augmentation process.

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