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Thousands of people are now turning to a new non-surgical procedure, Threadlifts (also known as the “Featherlift”) as an alternative to traditional face lifts. While facelifts force patients to go under the knife and require months of recovery time, Threadlifts are less expensive, are usually performed in less than an hour, and have a much shorter recovery period.

Threadlifts, which have been featured on “Oprah”, are performed with the patient under local anesthesia and involve using tiny invisible threads which are inserted into the “subcutaneous” layer of skin with a small needle. The amount of threads used depends on the area to be lifted. Parts of the face treated with Threadlifts include the cheeks, jowls, neck and upper brows.

There are many upsides to choosing the Threadlift procedure—there is no scarring, the procedure is brief, and treatment is easy and usually involves only icing the lifted areas. Plus the effect of the Threadlift only gets better in time as the skin’s collagen grows and pools around the threads. Results are almost always achieved with the first treatment.

Threadlifts are most often recommended to individuals in their thirties and forties. Some minor side effects may occur including minor swelling and bruising which generally goes away within a couple of days.

Though complications are rare, occasionally a small pucker at the entrance of the thread can occur or the thread may protrude from the skin slightly. These side effects can be easily treated by trimming the protruding thread or massaging the skin.

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