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May 07, 2014 by Sharon

I want to compliment a nurse named Lynn that helped me during my procedure on two different occasions. The last being on April 29, 2014. I was there at 2:30 on Tuesday with Dr. Grasseschi. She, Lynn, was not only very professional but very easy going and comforting. In fact right in the middle of my procedure when I was getting nervous and uneasy, I heard her humming a little song. Put me right at ease again. I don't even know if she knew what it had done for me.. Thank you Lynn

A Very Good and Professional Doctor

Apr 24, 2014 by Stacey

That was my first time coming to this office and I was amazed! Doctor made me feel very comfortable and secure. What an excellent work he has done! All the stuff was so kind and caring.
I was scared at first but everything went on the higher level! I have never seen such a good job by a cosmetic surgeon in Vernon Hills IL.

Mar 12, 2014 by Natalie

Eye Filler with Dr. Ritacca and his wonderful assistant Lorraine. I love this place, for a second time in a row I did not bruise :)

Sep 13, 2013 by Kait O.

Hi All - Have had few within appointments within the last month, and continue to have a fabulous experience every time. Dr. Ritacca, Dawn, Jennifer and all have always provided outstanding professional care at all times. The standards and quality of care are absolutely exceptional, love all of the services that you offer, and will see you all soon for my next appointment!! Thank you! Always a great experience.


Sep 13, 2013 by Tatiana G

I finally did it, I am so happy, I am in the process of removing three tattoos and I was skeptical due to the financial aspect but I did the care package plan and I have a year to pay it off. So far my first session was great the tattoos have faded, I know I have to do at least 4 more but I am so pleased cant wait for the final result.

Tummy Tuck & Lipo

Sep 05, 2013 by Luci K.

I would highly recommend Ritacca Laser Center & Dr Lu. I had a tummy tuck & lipo & Dr Lu gave me fabulous results. After 2 pregnancies, one of which was by c-section & a 10lb baby, Dr Lu had alot of work ahead of him. I have been waiting years to look this great, and thx to Dr Lu, it's happened. What impressed me the most was after surgery when Dr Lu said to me, if I had any questions or concerns to call him at the phone number provided anytime. I actually did have to call Dr Lu with a question, and had an answer from him within minutes. It was very comforting to know that Dr Lu was a phone call away at all times if I had any concerns. I could go on and on about how great Dr Lu is, skilled surgeon that came recommended to me, awesome bedside manner, caring, great sense of humor, a genuinely nice person, etc. I have never had plastic surgery before this procedure, so if you are considering plastic surgery, plz call Dr Lu at Ritacca Laser Center, you won't be disappointed!!!!

Tattoo Removal with PicoSure

Sep 04, 2013 by H.E.

I wanted to get my tattoo removed by laser. In my research, I came across scary information about the possibilities of toxic affects to the body after the ink breaks down. When looking online for doctors, I found that Ritacca Medspa addresses this very thing by using a second laser during treatment that allows the ink to be expelled from the top of the skin. My first treatment was a week ago, and I continue to see small bits of black ink coming out of my skin. Everyday during the bandage changes, I could clearly see ink on the bandage. This makes me feel a lot less worried about the effects of laser tattoo removal on my body. Is it more money that other laser centers? Yes, but my health and piece of mind are worth the extra expense and their Picosure laser is the best in the industry and removes the ink in a much faster time. If you are worried about the pain, do the lidocaine injection they offer for an additional $30. I did not feel any pain whatsoever, with the exception of the needle pricks during injection. Thank you Dr. Ritacca, after one treatment, my tattoo is considerably broken down and I hope to have it totally gone in the next couple treatments.

Picosure Tattoo Removal

Aug 29, 2013 by ilovealexis

1 month post
My tattoo is approximately three years old and professionally done. I have already received 10 treatments on part of the tattoo, which is more dramatically faded than other parts, but still not pleased with the results. When I heard about picosure, I was interested immediately and made an appointment to the nearest location in Vernon hills, Illinois. I recently decided I am going to now get the whole tattoo removed with picosure. After my first treatment I was surprised with how the pain is much more tolerable with the picosure laser. Other laser's hurt so much! I didn't have very many blisters, maybe a couple, but they were so small that I virtually could not see them. When I was about to leave the office, one of the ladies that work there gave me her personal number in case I had any questions or concerns. I was very happy she did that because I feel more comfortable and know that she cares. I texted her a couple weeks later explaining how I thought I did not see significant results. She told me to email her some pictures, and that she would call me the next time she was in the office. She called me the next day and said that they notice results, and it's hard to notice yourself when you see it everyday. And she was right! When I put my pictures side by side I definitely see results, and she explained that it had only been a few weeks since my treatment and every week I should see results. I definitely see more results in pictures than just looking at it..idk if any of you have felt the same way..and in different lighting. My next treatment is in 3 and a half weeks, I'm waiting a full eight weeks. I just hope picosure is the answer to resolve our problems and we all end up with optimal results. Good luck everyone with your journey!

Aug 22, 2013 by Karen F.

I had an excellent experience from the assistant, Robin, who was so thorough to the person doing the treatment, Dawn, that did an excellent job. I had a set amount to spend and I wasn't pressured to spend more and I was so pleased with the way I looked when I left. I even had a call back the following day to see how I was doing. Everyone was very professional but also made me feel very comfortable.

Laser Hair Removal

Aug 22, 2013 by Heather M.

Inquiring about laser hair removal was one of the best decisions I have ever made!! I have been a patient of Jennifer Greco's for a year and a half now and she is so caring and professional. Jen takes her time and is very precise with her work. I have tried other at home laser devices and nothing compares to the professional results that I have received at Ritacca. I would defiantly recommend the laser hair removal and other services that they offer.

Ritacca | Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa , USA 5.0 5.0 14 14 I want to compliment a nurse named Lynn that helped me during my procedure on two different occasions. The last being on April 29, 2014. I was there at 2:30 on Tuesday with Dr. Gra